Flying-Aquarium-Oval© "Elegance" 1200 red

















Flying-Aquarium-Oval© "Elegance" 1200 red







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Real glass body: 30 x 20 x 20 cm / 11,80 x 7,87 x 7,87 inch



Total area about: 60 x 51 cm / 23,62 x 20,08 inch



12 l / 3,17 gallon capacity real glass body



All necessary accessories for immediate use included



Every accessory can be reordered from us


Absolutely harmless for your fish





The Flying-Aquarium-Oval© "Elegance" 1200 is designed for rather small garden ponds, up to an area of approx. 5 m². Because even pond inhabitants of this pond category should be allowed to enjoy this huge fun for animals and humans.




























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